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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Nov 17, 2019

It’s not too late for women over 50 to take back control of their strength and cardiovascular health, even if they’ve never set foot in a gym before. All it takes is a solid morning routine, a bit of knowledge, and some confidence to get started. Tracee Gluhaich is here to talk about women’s fitness and the secret to a long, healthy life. 

Tracee saw first hand the impact a lack of exercise and being conscious of your health can have on your life, and she’s vowed to age strong because of it. She is a personal trainer and yoga teacher, working mainly with women over 50, to help them get their health back. 

Tracee says that the most important thing for her is to have a really strong morning routine because this is the foundation of the rest of her day. She aims to get her daily workout in first thing in the morning - it makes her feel good to do this but Tracee also thinks the morning is the best time for women to workout.

For Tracee, she’s prioritized weight lifting and yoga over cardio. For years, she pushed herself to do cardio that just wore her out. Her motivation now is to increase her heart rate quickly and then focus on the recovery, as it’s in quick recovery that our health improves.

Starting a weight lifting routine, and one that includes a couple of days of heavy lifting a week is the best exercise for women over 50. Even if you’ve never lifted a dumbbell in your life, Tracee explains how you can start building your strength without even leaving your kitchen. Women need to start exercising and shouldn’t be afraid of their body’s limitations, because your strength and confidence will increase.

Tracee shares what the secret to health and longevity is. It’s a combination of healthy eating, regular, daily exercise, setting good intentions, and facing your days with confidence. She believes that when your life is full of joy and nourishment of the soul, you’ll be less inclined to think of food as a comfort or crutch to fill a void.

Do you find yourself turning to food as a way to dampen your feelings? How is your confidence level for going to the gym? Have you ever tried lifting weights? 

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