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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Aug 11, 2019

You know the old saying, “if you can dream it, you can do it”? That is pretty much today’s guest’s motto in life. Naveen Jain is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who believes in living life without limits. He’s joining me today to tell you how you can start living your limitless life today.

Naveen explores life with curiosity, imagination, and exponential innovation to defy any and all limits. He believes that every single person has the ability to create big things, go anywhere they want (yes, even the moon), and change the world. Naveen is an entrepreneur driven to solve our world’s global challenges… and he’s succeeding in a big way.

By living with an abundance mindset, Naveen knows that there is no limit to the money available in this world. He wants to create a world where disease is optional, and this has started him on a path to providing affordable health solutions for everyday people. I’ve often said that I left medical school with a degree in pimping pharmaceutical companies, and Naveen agrees, that often medical doctors can do more harm than good.

The first thing we need to know is where our chronic diseases come from. Many medical doctors don’t treat the underlying condition and reasons for our diseases but simply medicate the symptoms. Understanding what we need to know about ourselves, and what questions we need to ask, is a vital part of healing our gut.

What it comes down to, really, is eating the right foods for our bodies. And knowing that what’s right for me might not be the right food for you. Each body is different and reacts to foods in unique ways. For example, Naveen can’t eat apples, bananas, or spinach - three super healthy foods.

When you take the power of your health back into your own hands, you’re gaining the ability to change your life. You’re getting rid of any and all limitations put in place by your body and saying “yes” to becoming a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Naveen has kindly given us $200 his company, Viome’s, Gut Microbiome Testing Kit. I’d urge you to take advantage of this incredibly generous offer!

Do you feel in love with yourself? Have you ever been tested for food sensitivities? Do you know the difference between an abundance mindset and a scarcity mindset?

In This Episode:

  • How we, as individuals, can change the world
  • Why medical doctors can cause more harm than good
  • What it means to have an abundance mindset
  • What steps we need to take to become rich
  • Where our chronic diseases come from
  • What questions we need to ask ourselves to heal our gut
  • Why eating the right food for our bodies is the most beneficial thing we can do for our health
  • How to take back the power to take action over your own health
  • Why you need to fall in love with yourself



“When you get a chronic disease, people say that it’s bad luck. No, it’s not bad luck! It is simply the bad choices we made because we didn’t know what the good choices were.” (7:47)

“Limits exist because our imagination, and what we call reality, shows that these limits exist.” (11:31)

“We want to create a world for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren where chronic disease is simply a matter of choice. It’s not about luck.” (24:40)

“Our goal is to simply not just to tell you what is happening in your gut, but give you the control back so it’s actionable. The only way we can solve this problem is to become the CEO of our health. To take the control back from our own body, our own health, and to realize that we have the power.” (35:20)

“Your self worth never comes from what you own. Your self worth comes from what you created.” (41:58)


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