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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Aug 4, 2019

Nurturing your feminine side when in your household and your relationship will help strengthen your bond with your husband. All too often, women are seeing an increase in their testosterone levels, which is making us feel less comforted and nurtured at home. Today’s guest, John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, joins me today to discuss how we can nurture our masculine and feminine hormones to create stronger relationships.

John has been researching and coaching couples for over 40 years, and he’s sharing what he’s learned about relationships, communication, and having a healthy sex life. To start off, he explains why men are seeing a decrease in their testosterone levels as they grow older, and what you can do to combat this.

By opening lines of communication with your partner, you can help nurture their testosterone or estrogen production. John explains what happens when women feel their emotions building up, with little things adding to their problems. And how expressing your emotions and simply talking to your partner can help release that pent up energy.

Relationships are all about communication. Men are more likely to do the things you want them to do by simply asking them confidently, not complaining or nagging them. And when you can talk openly to your partner and are comfortable being emotionally naked with them, you’re in a better place to get physically naked.

Sex is such an important part of our romantic relationships. John talks us through how we, as women, can encourage a healthier sex life, and how men can prevent their own ejaculation to make sex a longer, more pleasurable experience for both partners.

Do you have a healthy sex life with your partner? How do you keep open, honest communication in your relationship? What do you do to nurture your partner’s dominant hormones?


In This Episode:

  • Why men are seeing their testosterone levels lowering
  • What foods affect our testosterone and estrogen hormone production
  • How you can treat your partner to nurture their estrogen or testosterone
  • Why doing the little things in a relationship are so important
  • What happens when you have a build-up of emotions
  • How you can encourage men to do more things to make you happy by requesting, not complaining
  • Why women can be hesitant to share their feelings with a man
  • Why you should feel comfortable being emotionally naked with your partner before you become physically naked
  • How you can improve your sex life to ensure you get enough pleasure
  • Why men need to prioritize women’s needs over their own
  • What impersonal sex is and what it does to your relationship
  • Why you have to honor your bodies’ priorities



“Sex becomes the doorway for men to open their heart. Women don’t understand this because women have to open their heart first before they fully enjoy sex. So it’s the love that allows women to feel more sexually alive.” (10:48)

“Connection is a woman’s greatest need. A man’s greatest need is to feel successful. Success increases testosterone. Connection increases progesterone and estrogen, and oxytocin. Which we know, hormonally, is essential for women’s well-being.” (17:49)

“You can’t fully feel your positive emotions if you can’t fully feel your negative emotions.” (35:29)



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